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A Real Miracle

Ordinarily when I ask a person what constitutes a miracle for them, they might say anything from peace on Earth, to seeing a UFO, to being healed from cancer, or to finally, after decades, getting really satisfying high-paying work.

The story I am about to tell may seem rather mundane, but it isn’t. To me it constitutes a real miracle. See if you think so. Many years ago a swarthy Sicilian man whom I shall call Joe came to me seeking my counsel. He came mostly for con-sulting, as he was the CEO of an organization responsible for reintegrating many individuals into society. Joe had been di-vorced for years, but during his former marriage the worst thing that can happen to a man or woman happened: his infant son died suddenly and tragically. For a long time following his son’s death, Joe would lie in bed begging God to end his life. Joe is a solid, strong, very intelligent and resilient man, but the shock of losing his son was just too much. One night, after years of this, Joe had a dream. In the dream God came to him, as a kind, beautiful face illuminated in light, telling him that everything was OK, that his son was fine and happy, and that he must let his heart be in peace. Then the dream shifted, and his son emerged from God’s face, smiling at Joe and telling him how happy he was to see his father and that he wished Joe and his mother to be peaceful and happy. When Joe awakened he was a changed man. Instantly Joe was better than his old normal self. For him, this was a complete miracle. His life became, from that very day forward, better than it had ever been. But the story doesn’t end here.

Years after this healing miracle, I met Joe. He had not dated or been with a woman for years. Everything was his work and his two remaining children. I knew Joe for several years, during which time he never dated. Then one day when we were having coffee he told me that he had an amazing waking dream, a vision of the most beautiful woman, whom he was certain he was going to meet. Joe’s vision was more real to him than life itself, and reminded him totally of the dream in which his son returned and healed him. About a year passed. Then one day this very woman walked into his office at work. But he didn’t realize that this was the woman, and that he was in love with her, until she had left and was already in the parking lot getting into her car. He then ran like a scalded cat until he caught up with her and begged her to see him. She said no.... But, as it turned out, they married, and really did live happily ever after. But that still isn’t the end of the story.

Joe had been deaf from birth. He couldn’t hear in one ear, and in the other ear he wore a hearing aid. While we were together he underwent experimental surgery in the stone deaf ear. It didn’t work. But six months later, suddenly his hearing came back. The other ear got fixed, too. How’s all that for a miracle!? And it’s all true.


Through using the energetic field model we can transcend the ordinary limits of psychology, therapy, spiritual teachings, philosophy, and theology. That is, we can come to understand the physical basis of memories, love, depression, self-confidence, or even enlightenment.

The extended physical basis of the mind and reality will not be found only in neurophysiology or chemistry, however useful or advanced, but also in a deeper sphere, a trans-organismic quantum matrix which is inherently proto-intelligent and creative. We interact with this quantum matrix of which we are made, at all times.

From studies in deep physics we are more and more convinced that spacetime has a geometry, all the way down to the root fabric of the universe at the Planck scale (see Glossary). This geometry is nonuniform and information bearing, forming what I believe to be the matrix which is the universal proto-consciousness network, the root cosmic-wide-web and the original mind of the universe. The information of this subquantum ma-trix has expanded during eons, and, following the expansion mathematics of the uncertainty principle, has grown into the stupendous universe of stars and galaxies we see in our night sky.

Energy field psychology, which can also be called energy systems psychology, uses a relationship field coordinate system which connects two or more human beings and gives us a map for successful, healthy relationships.

In fact the very existence of quantum physics necessitates the existence of a universal energy field (sometimes referred to as the Higgs ocean). There could exist no information (no things, no mind) in this universe without such a field!