Comparing Bioenergetic Therapy, Psychotherapy and Coaching



works with primary life energy

changes deep structures/functions

frees emotional core aliveness

works with character/essence

medium term process

can achieve deep healing

practitioners may be physicians

practitioners need the most ability

works with wholistic analysis

works more with present condition

more "how"

works organically with sex/love

cannot work for everyone

requires deepest commitment

uses movement and breathing

reaches preverbal infantile issues



works with psycho-dynamics

changes psychology

moderates emotions

works with personality

long term process usually

can achieve moderate healing

practitioners are counselors

practitioners need competence

works with psycho-analysis

works more to resolve past issues

more "why"

works mentally with sex/love

has the widest application

requires commitment

does not use movement

may reach childhood issues



works with cognitive intent

works directly to change behavior

redirects emotions into actions

works with accomplishing goals

shortest term process

not intended for healing, but can

practitioners have various training

practitioners need competence

uses some behavioral analysis

works for functionality

more "what"

works practically with sex/love

works for motivated people

requires commitment

may use movement

not designed to reach early issues