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1. Be friendly with interest in others. Listen and observe.

2. Dress for success: Appropriate dress and fashion for men and women.

3. Inner mental organization and preparation gets you hired and makes the sale.

4. First impressions win (or lose) the day.

5. Learn to be the best you can be.

6. Present yourself attractively, speak well, honestly, and be polite.

7. Make friends and attract suitable partners.




1. Mind power is almost everything. Use your mind power!

2. Success and failure are in the mind and made real through your actions.

3. Pre-living and previewing desired future possibilities is central to success.

4. Positive friendships make your success team.

5. You can do anything you can think!

6. Constantly learn new things.

7. A positive mental attitude erases doubt and fear.





1. Do practical daily exercise, use no machines or drugs, 15-20 minutes a day.

2. Diets don’t work but eating right does.

3. Tai chi, yoga, and other good exercises for the bodymind.

4. Breathing, oxygen, and nutrition for your heart and brain.

5. Youth: keep your youth and make it grow.

6. Healthy people are much more happy.

7. Dealing with depression, anxiety, and headaches sensibly and effectively.

8. Health is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.





1. Understanding cash flow and activating multiple streams of income.

2. How to keep and grow your money through investing. Don’t lose money!

3. Your credit card is your worst enemy.

4. You must create your Money Multiplier.

5. We feel rich with good cash flow and beautiful things, not money.

6. Make money and use money to help your happiness.





1. Make right your relationship with yourself. Create your lifestyle!

2. How to know yourself so you pick the right partner.

3. Sex: Learn how to have good sex. Stay disease free.

4. Learn to see from your partner’s point of view and you will be much happier.

5. Have the relationships everybody wants.

6. How to have people at work respect you.

7. How to heal old family wounds.

8. How to start all over when you must.

9. Learn to evaluate personality types using the Enneagram.




1. Your best investment is in yourself, especially your health.

2. Your second best investment is your own business.

3. How to invest in stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate.

4. Investing in other people’s success.

5. Invest only in what you know. How to know what you know.

6. If you learn to invest when you are still young you will be rich.

7. Making money: How money flows and multiplies.

8. Getting out of negative debt correctly and systematically.





1. What is your Defined Purpose? What will you give to achieve it?

2. Who is on your success team, your Mastermind?

3. Today, how will you go the extra mile, making a super-effort?

4. Don’t let others bring you down. Gather courage to think and act under fire.

5. Keep your conscience clear and punishment free.

6. Persist, persevere, and change directions when needed.

7. Let the world know who you are and what you do! Share your wealth.

8. Keep learning, stay fluid, consider others’ freedom and happiness.

9. Harmonize type one and two influences to make your freedom.

10. Keep healthy lifestyle and personal success at the front of your brain.

11. Today, right now, choose and create who you want in your life.

12. Plan each day so your experiences are truly fulfilling.

13. Learn feeling and expressing gratitude.

14. Remember and write down all the great experiences you have had.

15. Think: How can I be a bigger person today?





To be READ out loud every day!



1. A definite major purpose: You must have a compelling reason to get up in the morning, to keep your word. A magnetic center must be driving you.

2. A compelling motive: the force behind your definite major purpose.

3. Self-reliance: Only you can do it! And you will be assisted as required.

4. Self-discipline: Without this we get fat, lazy and accomplish nothing.

5. Persistence: A success lifestyle for the rest of your life!

6. Creative imagination: This is what your brain is for. Copy Leonardo da Vinci.

7. Decision making: Decisions awaken us and give us force.

8. Education: Really KNOW what you do. If not, you will not be successful!

9. Energy: Passion and enthusiasm will drive you and infect others.

10. Open-mindedness shows you possibilities and horizons you never dreamed of.

11. Super-efforts (going the extra mile): You will become indispensable.

12. Be tactful and diplomatic in all personal and business dealings.

13. Listen, observe, pay attention and you will have a great competitive edge.

14. Intuition combines emotional intelligence with your brain power.

15. Self-presentation: Stand well, speak well, dress well.

16. Honesty, temperance and all other good qualities of character.

17. Joy and good humor are a cardinal secret of health and good relationships.

18. Loyalty: How you and I cherish our loyal friend!

19. Positive mental attitude: IT can be done, even the seemingly impossible!

20. Controlled attention: Possibly the most powerful tool of the mind.

21. Faith based on probabilities and possibilities: not blind faith

22. Gratitude and giving credit to others where it is due

23. The Golden Rule: Believe, it will be done unto you.

24. Teach what you know and do: the rule is, you must pass on the good stuff.

25. Complete your tasks on time: We are counting on you!

26. Exhibit intelligence with money, and budget your precious time.

27. Emotional balance: without this you may lose all you have worked for.

28. Mental inquisitiveness: ASK and you shall find out great things.

29. Love as much as you can, and learn to love more.

30. Learn from history and the great successes of women and men before you.

31. See from the other’s point of view, and you will make a friend.

32. Face your personal fears, especially personal death.

33. Know your strengths and weaknesses, they will make or break you.

34. Learn to use your native language precisely and learn another language.

35. Wish success, health and happiness for others.

36. Learn the laws of physics (cosmic, universal habits).

37. Health is the core of happiness.

38. Cooperation and harmony with others

39. Intent and personal initiative drive you forward.

40. Invest wisely for a lifetime.







Note: As you see, I have separated questions into age categories. However, the “Age 25” questions, for example, may very well apply to all age groups. Questions are general, not strictly age specific. Therefore, I suggest that you review and answer ALL questions, regardless of your age.



Age 25


Do I have work which produces an increasing income?

Am I working in the career I went to college for?

If my answer to the above questions is NO, what is my plan for developing a career?

Do I have an investment plan into which I am putting at least small amounts of money?

Do I study investing? If so, investing in what?

Do I regularly balance my check book?

Do I enter all my ATM withdrawals?

What is my monthly budget?

Do I keep a record of all the money I spend?

Do I do my own taxes?

What is my car payment and when will the car be financially mine?

How many major credit cards do I have, and what is the interest rate and balance of each?

How much debt do I have?

What is my plan for vanishing or managing my debt?

Do I know the difference between a stock and a bond?

Am I supporting myself financially?

Are my parents paying for me and how much?

Do I have health insurance?


Age 35


Do I own a home? What is my mortgage interest rate?

How much equity is in my home?

Can I read a financial balance sheet?

Do I know exactly how a home mortgage contract is set up?

Do I have a retirement plan (IRA or 401(k), etc.)?

Have I read books which remind me of this manual for personal success?

Am I helping my children learn about the proper use of money?

Do my spouse and I have regular discussions about wealth building and financial sanity?

Do I spend more than I make?

Have I borrowed money which I have not repaid?

Do I have shared credit cards? With whom: spouse, child, parent?

Do I have a savings account? With what interest rate?

Do I have CDs? What is the interest rate?


Age 45


Do I have an active, value increasing investment portfolio which I actively manage and into which I regularly add money?

How will I help my adult children financially?

Do I have a plan to assist my children in going to college if they wish?

Do I feel financially secure?

What is the rate of return in my IRA or 401(k)?


Age 55


Have I acquired some of the important material assets I dreamed of as a young adult?

Do I have wonderful relationships?

Am I living fully?

Am I actively reducing my stress?

Do I enjoy several forms of dynamic relaxation, such as sports, sex, dance, art, travel, etc.

In my estimation, have I been successful in my career or profession?

Do I own investment property?

Do I regularly give financial and emotional support to others?

Do I feel well integrated in my community?

Is my home paid for?


Age 65


Are my children well off?

Are my children helpful and friendly with me?

Do I have adequate income? What is its source?

Is my insurance adequate?

Do I have a Living Trust? Have I picked an executor?

Do I have good, loyal friends?

Where is my money? Who will get it?

What do I own? Who will get it?

Is my health good?

Is my mind clear?

Is my heart happy?