About Dr. Peter Davis

Peter Davis has been motivating others to reach their highest achievement since his early twenties. He teaches that humans can awaken their full powers for good and evolve themselves intentionally and consciously. Peter is one of the world's premier researchers in connecting the laws of physics with the mind and body and is founder of the science of Energy Field Psychology.

Peter Davis began his career as a group organizer, artist and teacher at the Free University Of Berkeley, in Berkeley, CA. During this time he became a scholar of Freud and Wilhelm Reich and was trained as an Orgonomic and Neo-Reichian therapist principally by Dr. Philip Curcuruto and Dr. Malcom Brown. He has practiced orgonomic bioenergetic work over three decades and has taught it to others independently and at two universities.

Davis had been a wrestler and karate student for many years when he discovered tai chi chuan. He subsequently studied tai chi chuan and the Chinese Internal System principally with Grandmaster T.R. Chung and Master Xu Guo Ming; as well as with Wang Hao Da, Ye Xiao Long and Qian Zhao Hong, all acknowledged grandmasters. Dr. Davis has achieved a high level of competence in these arts.

In his early twenties Davis discovered the genius of Dr. Napoleon Hill, colleague of Andrew Carnegie. Hill's ideas turned Davis' thinking away from focusing on human pathology, towards our unlimited human potential. With his own eyes, Peter has seen people overcome apparently impossible obstacles, apparently incurable illnesses and achieve greatness.

Peter was also deeply inspired by the work of several esoteric traditions including the work and dances of G.I.Gurdjieff, the Vedantic yoga masters andTibetan Buddhism. He traveled widely in search of and found authentic repesenations of these, and other great traditions. He has been a devoted practitioner of meditation and kind thoughts for decades.

In his mid-twenties Peter returned to university education where he earned advanced degrees in psychology and health science and a doctorate in psychology. He has served as adjunct faculty and education director for notable institutions.

Peter is also an all-denominational minister and scholar of several spiritual traditions. He has founded non-profit organizations which have produced hundreds of high quality courses, seminars and retreats for the community. Subjects are wide reaching and have been taught at many institutions and retreat centers.

Dr. Davis is a natural synthesizer of many sciences, philosophies, disciplines and therapeutic methods, from which he distills his own unique teachings.

Resume upon request