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Toward a Synthesis of Science, Psychology,

and the Mysterious

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The next phases of psychology, medicine, and practical spirituality will be created through updating these disciplines beyond their Newtonian and pre-Newtonian pasts into their relativistic and quantum futures. Only the most advanced waves of mod-ern science can adequately attempt to model the miraculous power of the mind. Perhaps the most awesome discovery that must be incorporated into our psychology, medicine, and world view is the scientific discovery of nonlocality in quantum entangled systems. Nonlocality refers to the utterly shocking proof, mathe-matically initiated by John Bell in the 1960’s and later experimentally proven in various ways by Alain Aspect and others, that once two entities such as electrons or photons are part of a system, they remain interactive with each other as part of the same system, even when spatially separated by vast distances! The power of mind is exploding exponentially in such unprece-dented phenomena as the world wide web, the coming together of diverse world cultures, the enlightenment of specific human beings, overpopulation, hyper-science as with the Hubble telescope, cloning, nanotechnology, and new models of the universe such as supersymmetry, as well as other models such as the energetic continuum referenced herein. We have entered a revolution in how we think about ourselves. This revolution will lead either to our liberation or to our destruction. A purpose of this book is to lead us in the direction of the former.

Another purpose of this book is to work towards estab-lishing an up-to-date evolutionary psychology of human behav-ior which uses all our modern knowledge, and especially our new knowledge of consciousness and energy systems. Modern wes-tern psychology was founded by such extraordinary minds as James, Freud, Jung, Reich, Maslow, Frankl, and Skinner. The eastern philosophies of Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, Taoism, and other mind sets have also been very influential in modern psychological ideas, if moreso from behind the scenes. Ancient adepts of these and other traditions possessed extraordinary practical knowledge. Each illuminating view has added another wondrous gift to our understanding of the mind and life of being human. Because of these gifts we can establish a psychological understanding of ourselves based more completely on the phy-siological, natural, and social laws which govern human life. And through their counterparts in physics, science, and meta-physics we better understand the transformation of universal energy, mass, and human consciousness. Researchers such as Rhine, Puthoff, Gurdjieff, Ramana Maharshi, Krippner, Reich, Kilner, Teilhard de Chardin, and many others have, in their various and astonishing ways, shown us the nature and mir-aculous side of the mind-body-consciousness relationship. At present it is not only mystics and deep meditators who see a far bigger picture of human life. Today we see advanced physicists in the tradition of Einstein, Bohr, and Bohm seriously exploring models of higher dimensional energetic geometries of spacetime as an arena suffused with mindful, intelligent, formative qual-ities in which the universal energetic field functions of electro-magnetism, gravity, and the strong nuclear and weak atomic level forces may be unified. There is increasingly compelling evidence that at the Planck scale (the smallest possible incre-ment), existence (spacetime) has a geometrical shape of tremen-dous energy. What is astonishing about this geometric univer-sal space “fabric” is that it appears to contain all the infor-mation necessary to build a universe!

In aggregate the discoveries represented by the work of those thinkers cited above may lead one to the thought that proto-consciousness, a root creative information bearing function of some kind, stirs at the very core of existence. Further, we must consider the possibility that the phenomena we call “light,” and even life itself, originate not in this apparent three dimensional energy field we call home, but rather in higher dimensions which are hidden in the quantum vacuum, essentially invisible at our level of measurement and experience. These geometries may also include other time dimensions existing as possible futures, pasts, and parallel times. Not only may the forces of physics originate here, but even the proto-conscious geometries of such platonic qualities as “love,” “gratitude,” and “beauty” may in-flate and evolve from this magically tiny dimension to the scale and scope we see in human beings. Science now has the power, when used with an enlightened mind, to show us that this mys-terious, invisible existence projects itself as everything we see or can measure “here.” This book will attempt to explain this pro-cess in detail.

But we have a problem. Many great discoveries of sci-ence do not really translate into real advancements in ther-apeutic medicine and psychotherapy. Our medical and psy-chotherapeutic models are mired in classical and pre-classical mechanics. Sometimes they are even still buried in the dark ages. Our mind does not mix with our medicine! This is central to why patients don’t get better, and to why our diagnoses are frequently wrong. While we have incredible machines like CAT and PET scanners, based mostly on quantum physics, we often don’t use them wisely. Why do we still apply dark age witches’ brews (chemo-cocktails) to helpless, very sick people? Doctors and therapists want to help people, but the situation is des-perate, our health care system is monstrously inefficent and ex-pensive, and often driven by the lust for money, not care for human souls. We simply have not upgraded our bedside man-ners, our healing philosophy, and our treatment protocols to match the miraculous discoveries of quantum and relativity physics. The core of our very thoughts has to change! For our thoughts to change we must wake up to the fact that our quan-tum biosystem internal events are alive, not dead, and are living, proto-intelligent lawful processes with which we and our brains are in constant communication. (We are even made of these quantum processes.) Discoveries such as quantum field theory and mind enhancement through meditation make being aware of this holistic, multi-level communication possible. This inter-nal awareness of our deep biopsychic quantum process is the next step in medicine and psychology, and for a species (us) that wishes to survive and prosper.

A difficulty in psychotherapeutics (and medicine) is that we cannot generally “talk” a patient into health. (This does happen, but not predictably.) Hence, since few other techniques are allowed by psychotherapeutic associations there is an over reliance on psychotropic medications. For all the risk involved (we know that many medications actually cause diseases) some patients have positive responses, sometimes even life saving. But we need better psychological, physical, and emotive clinical methods to activate internal, organismically produced curative energies which lead to health in patients and people. We need more than talk and pills! Hence we must learn to focus on educating patients and students to use their emotional intelligence and more formidable mental powers, especially for conversation with their internal organ systems and behaviors, as part of their daily lifestyle throughout all courses of therapy. It is also true that the relationship between the therapist and patient (the emotionally based quantum energetic field correlation) is pri-mary in the healing process. From numerous studies I have read, I make the hypothesis that even a placebo given by a phy-sician whom a patient really trusts is more likely to bring relief from an ailment, in many cases, than the proper medicine given by a physician whom a patient doesn’t trust, and thus the pat-ient’s biosystem rejects not only the physician but the medicine!

We know from clinical research, for example, that most patients do not breathe well. This is a far greater problem than we yet recognize. Poor respiration means one’s tissues and cells are not oxygenated sufficiently to produce the necessary meta-bolic energy for health or optimal mental capacity. Enhanced breathing exercises, at times supplemented with slow move-ment, can be of great use. Aerobic exercise, better diets, cleaner thoughts, happier hearts, as well as vascular health promoters like tai chi chuan are also very necessary. Otto Warburg and others have shown that cancer cells and viruses die in an oxy-gen rich environment. This is why hyperbaric (pressurized) oxy-gen therapy often works so well. Warburg’s and much more recent research should be taken seriously as another vote for the value of good breathing.

We also know that most patients resist taking their medicine. In terms of psychotherapy, this translates into one resisting healing during the treatment hour, but more, when one’s hour of treatment is concluded, one often forgets or ig-nores the new self-knowledge one has just gained. And fre-quently patients do not continue learning their lesson through-out the week. This is as pathetic as the piano student who never practices, or the biology student who will not study. The exam is coming! One’s focus too often remains on non-essentials, psychologically destructive media entertainments, and bogus self-treatments such as compulsive shopping, potentially dan-gerous pill concoctions, and alcohol to reduce pain and de-pression. Therapeutics must find ways to motivate patients and students to practice every day. A remodeling of therapeutic and medical responsibilities is required. I believe this book provides direction here. I aim to make clear the necessity to educate patients to literally create their own therapy based on the sound principles taught to them by their doctor or therapist. Ther-apists and teachers must find ways to inspire a burning desire in their patients and students to learn about themselves and their universe.

So, in such practices as psychotherapy and medical therapy we need to implement knowledge about human energy in practical therapeutic ways. This can be done by educating the patient, client, or student to recognize and use the incredible healing potential in himself or herself. Our primary therapeutic method may be as simple as personal quiet time in which the mind, emotional state, and body can learn to be very silent and awaken new powers of intelligence, feeling, and self-observation. We have found that quantum physical, spacetime relativistic models and especially our energy field models are ideal as a map for navigating such inner work. This works quite well when one is alone, still, and silent, visualizing map-like therapeutic mod-els (easier than looking at a road map), and moving one’s attention and feeling along the map.

As our machines improve we are also mapping new models of brain physiology. Our better machines tell us that persistent thoughts and emotions produce proteins or neuro-peptides which alter the body’s cells in present time and in future generations by increasing the chemical receptor sites for these proteins. This proves to be a self-reinforcing cycle. Put simplistically, people who have good thoughts and feelings find it easier to have more good thoughts and feelings. You know the inverse. So the power of our thoughts really does count. Cell-ular receptor sites are like the lock to the peptide’s key. Their combination activates certain processes, for good or bad. When we live poorly we manufacture mutant peptides which cram their way into available receptor sites. The peptides don’t quite fit chemically and physically but the molecular bond is often close enough that when these cells die the daughter cells of sub-sequent generations are born with receptor sites altered to fully receive the mutant proteins! It is not surprising that opium derivatives are so very similar chemically to our own endor-phins, some of the pain-killing, feel-good chemicals our brains and bodies produce. Put simply, our bad behaviors and bad habits (this whole process can also be positive) become locked in at the cellular/molecular level. It becomes harder and harder for us to change. This is why, as smart psychiatrists know, patients who manifest dangerous psychotic (or criminal) behav-ior must be stopped immediately if they are ever to have the chance of stopping at all. “Blowing off steam” does not work when our condition is this severe.

When the autonomic nervous system is balanced and serotinergic-type neurons are healthy we can willingly stop bad behaviors and our internal chattering, especially the self-bru-talizing foul-mouth kind which leads to depression and worse. So behavior patterns and mind stuff have, after all, a physical (and extremely extended) basis, as Freud suspected but did not have the technological sophistication to prove. Further, in the “use it or lose it” axiom applied to the brain, neuron caretaker cells known as glial cells also destroy neurons which are per-sistently not used. In the case of a highly stressed American lifestyle, this may mean the destruction of the very cells which produce chemicals such as serotonin and acetylcholine which we need in order to relax. This hints of Alzheimer’s disease causation. Psychiatric neurochemistry now attempts to control brain physiology, for example, with serotonin reuptake inhibi-tors such as Prozac, in an attempt to improve a patient’s exper-ience and lessen pain. I contend that in most cases the power of consciousness as a pain reducer should replace Prozac and other such chemicals. Of course, this requires brain power and new learning! To some of you this information may be old stuff. But then you are a person who also knows that neuro-psychiatry is in its infancy. Just read the disclaimers related to the applica-tion of these various medications. Wow!

By synthesizing the psychological and physical energetic knowledge from both East and West, the ancient and modern, one may distill a personal and evolutionary daily practice. This metapsychology is uniquely suited for practical application by the individual to evolve his or her intelligence and general hu-man capacities. Through using the energetic field model we can transcend the ordinary limits of psychology, therapy, spiritual teachings, philosophy, and theology. That is, we can come to understand the physical basis of memories, love, depression, self-confidence, or even enlightenment. However, we are convinced that the extended physical basis of the mind and reality will not be found only in neurophysiology or chemistry, however useful or advanced, but also in a deeper sphere, a trans-organismic quantum matrix which is inherently proto-intelligent and cre-ative. We interact with this quantum matrix of which we are made, at all times. We are just not usually aware of it. In physics we may refer to this matrix as the Higgs field or Higgs ocean (see Glossary). It is interesting that Wilhelm Reich, the often ma-ligned genius so close to Sigmund Freud, referred to his own primary discovery as the cosmic orgone ocean. We humans beings are building and discovering a new map of the human form and our universe.

Honest healthcare professionals are haunted by such questions as, how does cure occur, how does the patient get better, no matter the specific quality of ailment? And spiritual seekers are equally haunted by such questions as, is enlight-enment possible and if so, how does it become a permanent condition? When we examine incidents of an unexpected cure or enlightenment, we find a common ground, and it is this: a per-son fully accepts continuing responsibility for his or her con-dition and his or her life. No longer does the person accept self-pity, hopelessness, slavery to his or her personal past, specious societal values, such nonsense as self-sacrifice, death as an ab-solute, warfare, permanent disability, etc. The person accepts one thing alone: total responsibility for his or her life. That is the core of the secret.

Below is an interesting figure which represents the jump in thinking and perception required to follow this book’s ideas and understand the evolution of classical science into science in the twenty-first century.










Figure 1 Classical and Quantum Physics






The older vision and the new. The older (so-called classical, Newtonian) vis-ion of a universe of solid objects (particles) appears stable and comforting. The new quantum, general relativity vision of a universe of vibrating ener-gy waves, spacetime warps and gravity wells feels weird and unstable. Inte-gral paradoxical process makes a home for both. And we need both. We note that the classical A-B path has but one “history,” whereas the quan-tum path A-B has many “histories.” This fact is deeply significant for our new psychoenergetic model.