Quantum Bio-Psychology

Quantum Bio-Psychology is a fancy sounding term meant to describe the next evolution of human psychology and its application in psychosomatic medicine, psychotherapy and healing.

A fundamental discovery in physics has been the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. Simply stated, when any two or more pieces of the universe (photons, electrons, atoms, molecules, etc.) have "touched" (been part of the same system) they can never again be completely separated.

We are now convinced that this entanglement function applied to so-called classical scale events such as human relationships and emotions.

Entanglement, along with relativistic functions such as space-time dilation and micro-gravitational actions require that our approach to therapy of any kind include recognition of the quantum energy field in which we live as the true social and biological context which must be addressed.

In other words, we finally have the physics basis for what every good social worker knows: when treating an individual patient/person we must treat the entire family and psychosocial environment.

Entanglement requires this as we cannot "get away" from others, no matter how loathsome we find them. Physically removed, we are still penetrated by their presence emotionally and mentally. Our neuro-biochemistry is forced to change by the other's very existence, even when they die.

How would a new therapy be achieved? First, we must learn to expand our "personal" quantum energy field. That is, although we cannot make ourselves observably physically larger, we CAN make our quantum field functions larger. We will discuss how in another context.